Do Something Different Today

Remember when I said Be Yourself?

Don’t be yourself today, or this weekend, or next week.

Get out of your rut. Spread your wings. Try something different today. New meal. Eat out, when you don’t ever. Go see a movie. Smell the roses. Seriously. Watch a bee working busily on the flowers.

Or…capture the sight of water droplets suspended in air.

spiderwebs covered in water drops 900

How cool is that? I didn’t have my camera with me, just my phone, and I saw it on the way to the mailbox and thought, now, how interesting! The sun was shining brightly, bouncing off the myriad of water droplets and I figured, I’ll take the picture on the way back. Of course, this time I had a whole bunch of packages and mail when I never do, so I was juggling all that while taking a picture.

Word of advice to self, take the picture FIRST.

But no matter what, take it. Because you might never see it again.

I was baby cuddling most of the afternoon until evening, typing one-handed as I could, then went home and worked on my story, and caught up some more. I have to find baby clothes for sleeping that are warmer than she’s wearing. She’s getting too cold at night, so shopping trip first thing this morning. We live in a hot place, but even last night, no AC or anything, I was freezing at my own place. And you can’t put blankets on babies for fear of suffocation. HOPEFULLY, the local store will have something warm for her to wear or I’ll have to order and it will take a few days to get here!

I got her this one, but they’re afraid of the hood on her at night. so something like this without a hood. 🙂

Baby bear outfit 900 046

So today, don’t be yourself. Jump out of your comfort zone and do something different.

If you love to photograph, take a picture of something you normally wouldn’t do.  A writer, write something short–flash fiction, something you’ve never done before.

A reader? Read a kind of book you might think would never appeal.

I loved an author’s English romances, don’t recall the period of time she wrote for, but when I ran out of her books, she had some American western romance, and I balked at reading them. I just told myself I wasn’t in the mood. So I finally gave in. Don’t you love writers who, no matter what they write, snag your attention and you fall in love with their characters? And I did. And read all her western historical romances too.

So let yourself be free and be…your NEW self.

And enjoy!


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