Do You Give up Easily?

I don’t! Success is measured in pushing forward and making it happen.

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When I was a kid, I struggled with math concepts. I was good at math, but not the way the teachers were teaching me. I learned how to do some of it my own way. Everybody has to find the way that works for them. I’d get the correct answer, but the teachers insisted I use their method. Why? Mine worked for me. As long as it works, don’t fix what isn’t broken!

A photographer who gives online tutorials on working with Photoshop, had given a really neat one on using gradients on a picture. Not just to change the colors in the photo, but to give it a beautiful depth and quality that it didn’t have in the original photo.

I don’t know if this link will work for everyone. You might have to join her FB page.

Sooooo cool. BUT, I ran into a bit of a snag. I wanted to create gradients like she did. Not working. Save. Load. Not on my gradient tool bar.

So I was watching several different Youtube videos on how to create them. Easy. I did it myself, but still not saving to my tool bar. That’s okay. I’ll figure it out. Eventually.

But one of the sites I looked at on how to create them mentioned places that have them for free! So people made up tons of them and share them with you so you can just use them, and not have to create your own.

So then, I try to download one of them. File doesn’t work on my Photoshop. Can’t download.

I tried a different one.

It worked!!!! Woohoo! I think I’ve got it. Well, maybe not. Now I have to use it and see what a wonderful job I can do.

But, you see, if one thing doesn’t work, try, try, try again.

So, hmm, is it working for me? The gradients are on the gradient tool bar, but now my gradient thingy seems to be stuck and clicking on ANY of the gradients doesn’t change it. It has to be something simple I need to do. Or not.

But if there’s no struggle, you see, when it finally works, it won’t have meant as much. Don’t you think?

salvia rainbow gradient 900 042

I did it! My gradient bar was on 0% opacity. No wonder nothing worked.

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The world is at your fingertips.

Never give up! Never surrender!~~Galaxy Quest!

But sometimes, you have to take a break, and start again. 🙂


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