4,400 + Words!

When baby is asleep, I was taking pictures of her, but she’s been  fussy, so instead this week, I’ve been walking her, or letting her sleep on my lap once she’s sound asleep. She had a doctor’s appointment, and that wore her out, so I chanced taking a picture of her while she slept after we got her home. A lovely lady made the quilt for her, so I wanted to get a picture of her on it too, which meant I woke her when we set up the quilt next. But that’s okay, because at this age she needs tummy time, and she’s much more aware of the world around her. And she doesn’t immediately fuss for something to eat when she wakes now.

I didn’t go over quite to my daughter’s place quite so early because they’d had a better night, and actually managed to write all morning! And with walking baby at her house, still had a two and half mile walk. 🙂

I’m still way behind on writing, and I just got first edits on Flight of the White Wolf that I need to work on, but I only have 9,000 words to go on The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf!!! It wasn’t that long ago, really, that I had 80,000 words to write. 🙂 And when I wake in the middle of the night, I begin thinking of Billionaire Wolf Christmas and the trouble I can get the brother in. 🙂 With a woman of course. A wolf. A scientist. I think.

Perseverance is the only way to make it happen. Sometimes, I just couldn’t write–long days with trying to help with baby. Edits that meant cutting out more than I was writing. The edits HAVE to be done, so it’s either early on or later.

So I’m off to start my day, feed the puppies, work on the story, and then run errands, and help with baby.

And we’re going to have our Highland boxset out on May 1st!

Have a lovely purple day!


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