Bluebird Family

I didn’t realize there were two baby bluebirds until I saw them sitting on the fence together. They didn’t stay long. Daddy bluebird didn’t either. That’s a blur of his wings in flight. They sit up on the fence, dive down into the grass for bugs, and return to the fence.

They also do a lot of gutter diving for insects. They’re great little birds to have around to get rid of some of the insect population. 🙂  I saw momma and daddy bluebird on the fence for a moment, but not long enough to get a shot of them.

Off to write. Poor puppies have shots today, so trying to get some writing done before I take them in.

Have to do edits on Flight of the White Wolf (2nd round), The Bounty Gets Her Wolf (2nd beta reader), Cougar Undercover (1st beta reader), and over halfway done on Falcon Fae.

It quickly stacks up! 🙂 <3

But I have a case of food poisoning also, second time in just a few days. Ugh. It’s not really on the schedule. 🙂 Unfortunately, I have to work it into the schedule. lol

Have a great day!!!

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