Life in a Crystal Ball

My neighbor’s house, the garden fountain, in a crystal ball, and the Purple Magic crepe myrtle just coming in bloom. Note, Max in the background of the crepe myrtle? He has to be near me always to see what I’m doing. 🙂 <3

Okay, The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf is done and off to my publisher today. And I need to work on Flight of the White Wolf edits next!

I’m still working on Falcon Fae at night, just edits.  And waiting on the first Cougar beta read so I can begin fresh edits on that! I still need to finish writing Falcon Fae. And then I’m starting Billionaire Wolf Christmas.

I’m torn, though, between doing all that and running off to get garden stones. 🙂 <3

If I run errands, it throws off my whole day of writing though. So I think I’ll just wait until Monday. It’s not like any of this is really urgent. Except my writing. 🙂 And picture taking. 🙂

Got to have priorities, you know!

Have a great day!!!

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