Flowers, Birds and Bears

I’ve been trying to capture a good shot of one of the blue jays and finally caught one with his favorite choice of food–a peanut.

King Arthur bear is going to an auction for literacy! He’s one of a kind, and has an antique tunic and brooch and crown.

A picture of the Purple Magic crepe myrtle. And a peach Knockout rose. 🙂

The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf’s synopsis is done and sent off. They’re about 3,000 words, so it was late afternoon by the time I finished it. The manuscript also went to the publisher. I used to write in King Arthur’s time when I had to send missives on vellum and used pots of ink and feathered quills. Then I’d have to find someone to deliver it to the royal family.

Now? Push of a button and it zings off into cyberspace. I might love writing about historical worlds, but I love our modern technology too.

I’m going over the final chapters of Flight of the White Wolf and hope to have it done today also. Then Cougar edits and back to writing Falcon Fae.

You know, if I don’t write all this down, I might forget it. 🙂

Have a great day!!!

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