Here’s the Deal, Baby Says…

When I see Grandma, it means she walks me. She doesn’t sit down, rock me, give me tummy time so I can exercise–she walks me. That’s the deal. Grandma means walks. No lying me down in a crib because I’m so not tired.

🙂 <3

So this morning I was cutting down butterfly bushes. *sigh* Their feet are getting too wet and the beautiful blooms aren’t happening. But also, I read where they’re very invasive. For me, I want low maintenance. If it has too many needs, or causes trouble, I don’t need it. It must be 100% humidity out there. Hot, humid, I just need cool ocean breezes to work by.

I cut down all the branches of the 3, pulled up 4 more, but need to dig up the roots still on the bigger 3. But I wanted to get the branches out with the garbage this morning. So that’s done.

Memorial to the butterfly bushes:

They’re beautiful flowers, so it’s sad, but if the flowers won’t even bloom, and they’re really a nuisance plant, banned from some states even, I figure I’ll put something else in, in their place. Their are some varieties that don’t reseed themselves, but still, if they get too wet where they were…

They were bushy and messy looking also, so I’ll try for something neater and more compact.

Have you had any planting disasters that you had to rectify? My parents planted crepe myrtles too close to the house, well, all their shrubs were, and then they had to be cut way back all the time. I’m trying to keep from doing that!

Have a great low maintenance day. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Here’s the Deal, Baby Says…

  1. There are non-invasive butterfly bush varieties. You can always keep them in a pot if you’re worried about wet feet. Mine have been blooming since they were tiny seedlings. I have 3 whites, 3
    blues and 3 purples :-).

  2. I have a beautiful butterfly bush in my backyard that is super low maintenance. I just look at it. Mother nature takes care of it. It has gorgeous white flowers and getting wet is never a problem. Next time you’re in the area I can give you a cutting, or I can find out the name for you. I’ll see if I can find a picture to message you.

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