Mystery Crepe Myrtle Revealed!

It’s watermelon, and they’re down by the River Otter Pond. A stork must have brought me the baby crepe myrtle.  I love watermelon, it’s so vivacious.  And with the Purple Magic Crepe Myrtles, a pretty color combination. And they’re tall, so a nice shield from looking at my backyard neighbor. My daughter is fortunate. All her backyard neighbors have one-story houses.

Two of the crepe myrtle pictures are of the ones out front. Two lighter ones are of the one out back. Really different color of purple, but all pretty.  And I caught the peach roses in a bundle. I hadn’t seen them in a bouquet like that before.

Okay, have to write 9 blogs for SEAL Undercover release (August)–5 done yesterday, edits on Night of the Wolf (the novella I wrote for the 10th anniversary of Heart of the Wolf release, January), Cougar Undercover edits, and yes, I’ve had to put Falcon Fae aside for a moment.

But the other books are due the first week in July and the blogs too. We’re getting rain, light, a little wind last night, but it’s very calm. Hopefully, that’s all we’ll get and nothing major coming up from the tropical storm.

Have a great day!! I’ve got to get to working!!!

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