Antique? Rocking Horse…

A man had these in his shop for years for display. And then another man had a store next door to his, and when the other sold off his store, he bought them. He had them for years in his home. Then they are moving, downsizing and his daughter posted them on the neighbors’ site.

It reminds me of horses that the owner can no longer care for (except these are much lower maintenance) and they keep going from one family to another.

I imagine they’re replicas of antiques, extremely heavy wood, and beautiful. I wanted the stained smaller one she had, not sure I liked the head up in this one and that it was so big, but once I got it home, I just loved it. The picture of it in her garage didn’t do it justice. And they were really inexpensive for the beauty of them. I was looking online, trying to make up my mind about them, wondering if I was crazy to get them, but there wasn’t anything like them, and the ones that came close were around $350-$4,000. So these were a steal.

They’re not meant for kids. Just for me. 🙂  For picture taking and my bears. The jester is one of the bears I created that came in first place for best dressed bear at the Fort Lauderdale Bear and Doll Show years ago.

I had a beautiful carousal horse for years, and a huge rocking horse my dad made for the kids, bigger than this one. He made the small ones to sell for years. But with every move, I had to leave each of them behind. But these are truly magnificent. I wanted the stained smaller one, but the dad decided to keep it. So I got the white version. Now I need to make tails for them. I’ll show off the white one tomorrow.

Keeping up with word count on Billionaire. Only 14,000 words to go! I never can believe when I start out that I can get so far! It seems like it is insurmountable. And then after days and weeks and months of writing, it’s done. Or in this case, nearly done. The key is to set a goal and to…try and stick to it. 🙂

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    • I agree! I just love them. They’ll be fun for Christmas pictures. I haven’t forgotten about your bear either. I’m trying to finish up this book and then I need to find that fabric. I couldn’t find it when I looked before. 🙂

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