Arctic Wolf Pack and Cheetah!

Wild grasses at the wetlands in Dallas, and a cheetah and an Arctic wolf pack at the Big Cat Org near Fort Worth. Love cheetahs!!! And the wolves were especially what I wanted to see, but they wouldn’t let us “see” them. Thankfully, my zoom lens was able to capture the beautiful pack as we were led through the park away from seeing the wolves. I’ve been to tons of wolf reserves, and none where the tour guide would say, “We’ll upset the wolves if we walk near them.”

We are enrichment to them, as long as you don’t have an obnoxious kid or adult in the group. But you can see how curious they were about all of us. One tiger had been in a circus, boo, so he didn’t like to be on display, and I don’t blame him. But “nobody” else minded–the tigers, bears, cheetah, or wolves. They came to drink their water, close to where we were, watched us. We were as much entertainment for them as they are for us.

Meeting deadlines: The thing about deadlines is they cometh and they goeth. So if you don’t get your act together, they cometh and goeth before you’re ready…and you can’t stop them!!! I always think, when I’m getting down to the wire on one, or several, that this too shall pass. Hopefully, when I’ve met them though!!!

I turned in Flight final proof and Billionaire marketing materials request. I spent all the rest of the day reading the other wolf book. And I just received one beta read back so will be spending all morning +, making changes on Billionaire Wolf Christmas. I HAVE to get groceries too. Still fighting this cold, coughed half the night. Ugh. But I’m nearly there!!!! On meeting deadlines. So close….

Hope you meet all your deadlines and have fun doing it!

Have a great deadline free day!!!


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