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We would be completely at a standstill, if we’d had some of the snows others up north have. Why? No equipment to do anything about it.

Even with this amount, there were quite a few accidents–ice and snow mixed with drivers who raced along the roads like the weather conditions haven’t changed from dry and hot. Same when we have rain.

In the first picture, I would never have thought I’d be able to take a photo of the bird ornament surrounded by snow. I had grandbaby over, so I couldn’t take as many pictures as I wanted to for this historic weather event. Remember how I said we had one last year with rain? This year with the hurricane? Now this? Hmmm.

The milkweed had a blast of freezing temperatures last night and look worse for wear this morning. The rose bush was beautiful covered in snow and it still is doing well. I even had marigolds and zinnia that were flowering beautifully in the snow. I had put a sign out “Let it Snow” as a joke, but the fae (that I write about in my teen books who cause mischief in every way), must have had something to do with this.Grandbaby was watching the neighbors taking pictures of other neighbors at the time.

Our temperatures are supposed to be going up. Not today, I don’t think. But if everything can hold out, they’ll be around for a little while longer. Two years ago when I moved here, the snapdragons flowered through the winter even!

Okay, off to finish My Highlander, then send it to beta readers. Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!


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