Telling a Story in Pictures

You can see what I’m doing today. Baby is talking to Tanner. Then she reaches out to pet him. When she pulls her hand back, he rests his chin on the box, and she smiles. She adores the havanese and they adore her.

I’m now putting her in the room where they sleep so she’ll nap better. They kept going in there to check on her. So I put them in their crates nearby to nap too, and everyone’s happy. When she woke the first time, she looked up to see where she was, and saw Max in his crate nearby, Tanner a little further away, and for the first time she didn’t cry when waking from a nap. She’s sleeping again, so we’ll see if this is a success, but both times, she’s slept for about an hour instead for a few minutes. So that part is definitely a boon.

Have a great one!!


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2 thoughts on “Telling a Story in Pictures

  1. She has bonded with max and tanner, she awoke made sure they were close by and she went to sleep. .. now Grandma KNOWS what to do.

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