Baby’s First Christmas

My computer is super sluggish this morning and keeps hanging up. I’m trying to move some photos to another hard drive to see if that works, but 1 hour and 20 mins are remaining and baby will be here any moment.

These are some pictures I took of our Christmas, baby’s first. I want to do some composites with her so once my computer isn’t so sluggish, I can work on it more! She is totally clueless about Christmas, and isn’t that nice!!!

I’m playing around with the Countess and the Wolf. It’s a book I wrote some years ago, so formatting and my writing have improved and I need to update it. But also, I’ve always wanted to write the historical aspect of werewolves in the Highlands and so I have maybe 4 of these books that I’m revising to add a wolf perspective to fit in with my contemporary Highland wolf stories. Sometimes, it’s easier just to write a new book. But these are a lot of fun too.

My Highlander’s print version is being reviewed and actually, just came back. So I need to read it through again, make sure it’s ready to go!

In the meantime, I’m still trying to figure out what to write for the next polar bear shifter book. The other actually came out this past January. But I’m re-reading it to remember the characters and maybe come up with an idea!

Okay, off to get ready for baby. Have a wonderful day!


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2 thoughts on “Baby’s First Christmas

  1. She is so Beautiful!
    she maybe clueless about X-MAS grandma, but she loves anything she finds, all is NEW.
    That dress is Perfect for the Little Fairy Princess 😉

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