Brrrr, It’s Cold Out There…

At minus two degrees, I look cold. lol!

Finally got internet service back.  We’re seeing Jumanji today. The theater is as cold inside as it is outside, so I need to bundle up more this time.

But it means I am getting some writing done too. 10,000 words +. Sixty-thousand to go.

Have a beautiful day!


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4 thoughts on “Brrrr, It’s Cold Out There…

  1. They are predicting 35 and snow here in Waco for New Years day. I know that is not as cold as where you are but it is more than enough to make me stay inside. Since we have no chestnuts in Texas and I don’t much care for marshmallers, I’ll just be toasting my backside. LOL

    • lol, I don’t blame you. We went to the theater the other day, and I swear it was as cold inside as it was outside. I practically froze. I needed to watch a story where people were in the desert. Stay warm!!

  2. It looks cold. We have had snow once already this winter, hope we don’t have any more. Lol.

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