Playing Games, Alpha Wolves, and Dessert on End

How more random can I get, right?

Okay, so we wanted to go to the wolf park, but the place is closed until Saturday, and it’s only going to be 1 degree out for a high. Brrrr. So it was up to me. For those of us in the south, it’s hard to imagine what it’s like. But any exposed flesh feels like it’s burning. And that’s not even the windchill factor. With 10 mph winds, it’s even colder. And there’s no guarantee any of the animals will be out on display, but could all be huddled together somewhere, trying to keep warm.

The next pictures is of Horizon Zero Dawn. I’m more into Role-Playing-Games where you can stop the play during battle so I can decide which spells to use, or weapon abilities, etc. I fight all kinds of bad guys, solve all kinds of quests, and love the graphics. My son is playing this game on his TV and it’s amazing. The graphics are really great, and it’s a fun game. I have Divinity Original Sin 2 to play when I get home, but I still have to get my word count in.

And the last is a picture of an upended piece of pie. Who would ever have thought it could look so interesting by putting it on end like that. Next time you have pie at your house, try it. Your friends and family will think you’re either nuts, had too much to drink, or are trying out for chef of the year.

We went to see Jumanji last night. It was really funny and we enjoyed it. If you play video games, you’ll get some of the humor. But it’s still funny throughout. The moral of the story is: You only have one life to live, live it to its fullest.

We’re going to museums this morning, and we’ll see Blade Runner tonight. (renting the movie for home.) So in between, I’ll write.

I proposed 3 new titles, we’ll see if SB acquires them next week, and I’m off to write! The book cover for A Billionaire Wolf for Christmas is beautiful and I’ll show it once it’s approved.

Happy Holidays!


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