Roses and Milkweed Silk and Seeds

We will still have lots of cold weather: these are pictures of roses after the hard freeze, and milkweed silk and seeds ready to scatter to produce new milkweed plants for the monarch butterflies. I need to cut the red roses back, but every time I think they’ve lost their flowers enough to do so, I see a whole new crop of buds getting ready to open.

Spring is on its way! Some day. But truly, I’m enjoying the cold for a little while longer!

I had grand plans to finish editing 3 books yesterday. Well, I finished two, made the changes, and uploaded them again for final proofs. Three are available for sale. One more is waiting on final proof. Five are waiting for me to make changes. And today, baby will be here. Soooooo… I will be lucky if I can finish the book I started yesterday.

But still, that’s steady progress. I spoke to my editor yesterday, and she said that the acquisitions’ board meets on Thursday, so we’ll see after that if the next 3 books sold. They’re for 2019. This years’ titles are already written.

Off to get ready for baby and try to proof Dragon Fae today. 🙂 Hope your spring is on its way too!

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