Dreaming Dreams that Aren’t Dreams at All


Turning a red rose picture into a pastel version.

lpdragonfly.deviantart.com gives a tutorial on turning pictures into dreamy pastels.

So I had to go to a place and I was told to go to one place, but nope, they didn’t do the tests there. I had to go in the opposite direction, making me travel twice as far as I would have. And then I went into one building, go over there, nope, you need to go to a different building. Nope, not here. Go to a different building. Inside, I was directed to another wing. There, I was told to go to another window. At that window, I was told nope, you need to go to the first window you were at.

But they told me to go see you. The technician walks back to the other window to straighten that lady out and it was done. A ten-minute procedure that should have taken 20-mins travel time, instead of a two-hour trip.

Now, I have to look at the bright side of things. I can use it for a story! Funny how things like that happen. Oh, and since I was fairly close to a couple of landscape places, I went into three of them before finding the shrub I’ve been looking for, for three years now! It was at the last shop I looked at and the poor little things need some water and sunlight and room, so hopefully they’ll be greening up beautifully now that they have a new home. My neighbor has 4 of them (his house was the model home, so they landscaped it beautifully) and so I’ve always wanted to get them. They’re Steeds holly and pyramidal in shape, which means normally, no need to trim them and they look great! I like low maintenance.

Okay, so last night at midnight, I hear a dog barking in my dreams. And of course, I begin to dream about it. Five miniature poodles are running all over my yard and my dogs are trying to play with them, and I am trying to take my dogs inside so the dogs quit playing and barking. Which would disturb the neighbors. Which actually happened the morning before. Not that scenario exactly, but their dogs got out, Max pushed open the door to come inside and let all the dogs out, and so chaos at 6:30 in the morning. Who sleeps that late anyway??? 🙂

Well then, I’m waking more because the dog keeps barking, and I think it’s the neighbor’s dog. It CAN’T be Rilo. I wake even more and realize it is Rilo! Okay, so I tell him to shut up and go to sleep and that does the trick. He goes to sleep. I don’t. For hours. No more dreams though. I think that has to go in a story!

Because of the long day yesterday getting other stuff done and not getting other stuff done, I didn’t get my word count OR all my errands run. I hate running errands, but that’s where I’m off to again. This time I know where I’m going though!

Have a super, lovely Friday!!

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