Getting Organized

After organizing a lot of my bear stuff, I finally got around to hanging some stuff up too!! I still need to hang up a mop and broom holder, but I really need to get to word count, and I think I’ll hang the broom holder up when the garage isn’t so hot, like this fall.

I love using space that otherwise wouldn’t be used for anything. The wrapping papers were sitting on the floor of the bedroom closet, but this was a space above the door in the closet that can’t be used for anything, so perfect for a pegboard. I’m used to having an attic where I could stuff things. I don’t now, so I just need to do a better job organizing stuff. I spend WAY too much time looking for things I know I have.

What about you?

Off to write. 12,000 done! Have a super, wonderful day, what’s left of it anyway!!!


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2 thoughts on “Getting Organized

  1. You are doing very well !!!
    … let me say… we move here September 2003
    I haven’t use our double garage to park my minivan…

    • lol, I am trying to get better organized! I have about 3 plastic tubs I haven’t gotten into yet, that I need to. *sigh*

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