If at First You Don’t Succeed…

So yesterday was Hot Fudge Sundae Day–who would have ever thought??? And I lost weight. Probably because I didn’t eat one! And I get LOTS of exercise when I’m taking care of baby.

Baby slept for a little over an hour on the mattress. I tried to put her down the first time she fell asleep, but she woke immediately.

What did Grandma think she was trying to pull anyway? Naptime???? NO WAY!

Soooooo, that meant trying to get baby to sleep again. Now, for those who don’t know me, I’m persistent. That’s how I have so many books written. I don’t give up. I try, try again.

Some say exercise can overstimulate a body.  But if the body is dead tired already, won’t it work? So Grandma takes baby for a walk to the mailbox. Now, I could have put her in the stroller and maybe she would have fallen asleep. I would have had to walk her around the whole development in the heat and probably walked her around the air conditioned house for another hour. Instead, I chanced walking her to the mailbox–it’s not at the end of my drive, but way down and around the block. If she didn’t walk, which the last couple of times I’ve tried it, she gets down to the end of my driveway and she wants to be carried, then I’d have to walk all the way down and back carrying the baby.

It worked! We reached almost to the end of the row of houses. We still had a way to go and her hands went straight up in the air, which means: I’ve had enough of this exercise. Carry me.

After we got the mail, I gave her a piece to carry, and hoped we might make it at least to the bend in the road. Nope, few steps, letter in hand, arms went up.

Okay, so I had to carry her home. I think she’s around 28 lbs, and in the heat, it’s hot. It was 99 yesterday and that’s not the heat index factor. It’s about 10 degrees higher. I get home, and we take off our hats and my sunglasses, and put them on the counter. She had to help me. Then I proceed to walk her in the cool air and she falls asleep. Do I dare try to put her down on the mat? I dare!

And she was out for the count. For about an hour. The next time she slept on my lap for 3 hours. She wakes, sees she’s in my lap, safe and sound, and goes back to sleep. That’s why the lap works best, but then again, it’s harder for me to get as much done. Still, miracle of miracles, I managed to finish 2,000 words! Persistence pays off. I’m at 50K and have 30K to go. That’s minimum word count.

The dogs are landing in on me tomorrow, so I need to really work hard today to get ahead! It means running dogs out to the bathroom constantly. My 2, and my daughter and SIL’s two. I can’t just throw them all out. They start the neighbor’s dogs to barking. So one at a time… Well, my 2 can go out, but the corgis can’t.

My rocking chair didn’t come in! So much for Amazon Prime. But at least the blue octopus didn’t returneth. My desk chair is supposed to come today! Yeah!! Hopefully I can assemble it and get back to long bouts of writing at my desk again.

Have a great one! I’ve still got a lot of work ahead of me…


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