Sometimes There’s Just No Time…

I managed to get 4,000 on the story yesterday, 48,000 done! Today it’s time for baby and for a second she’s watching Lil Baby Bum… I love that program. It has colors, shapes, numbers, and all kinds of nursery rhymes she likes to dance to.

Kids know so many words and what they mean before they can speak them, but when her daddy came to pick her up last night, it was playing and when they began to introduce characters, she said two of the names: Baa Baa, and Daisy. Usually, she’s very quiet about saying words, like bye and hi. We’ve heard other words, but she actually said these out loud. She probably won’t say them again for a long time, but it goes to show that she’s picking up words. I said something about her foot and she immediately clasped it with one hand.

My mother said my sister and I weren’t human until we could talk to her where she understood us. lol

I think the fun is seeing the development, and I know she’ll be talking like crazy before long. Right now she’ll talk a lot, but nonsensical words. Of course, she knows she’s making perfect sense. lol

Okay off to edit while she’s happy. It won’t last long and she’ll want my attention. I probably won’t have time to write, but maybe…

Have a great day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Sometimes There’s Just No Time…

  1. Kiara is absorbing everything like a sponge
    you make me remember a conversation many years ago…
    an older friend of my in-laws making a comment about children and speech
    he say ” there was a young boy about 10 or so that has NEVER spoken,
    one day his toast was “burned” and the boy complained … his parents surprised to heard his voice asked him Why he didn’t speak ?… the boy said…. until now everything has been okay.
    I don’t know if that is a true story or not.

    • lol, it’s cute. 🙂 <3 I finally got her to say mama, Baa Baa (name of a character on a show), hi and bye-bye, and Daisy. She says bottle, no-no, and circle, but she drops the "c". Bottle is also her version, but it's distinctive. Most of the time when I ask her to say a word, she'll watch my lips, look at my eyes and smile or giggle. lol :) So it's fun.

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