It Was One of THOSE Days

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? Sure you have. I think one of mine morphed into THREE of THOSE days. That was horrible.

First, the blue octopus arrived. Yep. Three times a charm? Nope, three times and STRIKE OUT. Now…I’m really patient. Truly. I. Am. But it’s time for a refund. They’re not going to get it right. Ever.

Then I went to pick up my grandbaby at daycare, and she was a cranky pot, not enough sleep, but my daughter came by to pick her up from me and said Tuesday was when she needed me to pick her up. BUT, her message to me said tomorrow. And I thought she’d written the email on Sunday. So tomorrow was yesterday, Monday. Now I have to pick her up for real today. That means struggling to get my word count done in time. Ack.

Boltz at 2 years old, then at the pond, he’s 6 years old, looking for fish in the pond. The first picture was in the fall. The second in summer.

Then…yes, there was more. My INTERNET was out!!!!!!!!! Do you know how much that sets me behind? Yes, I wrote more. Eight thousand words. Not because the internet was out. I finally had all kinds of great ideas and ran with them. And ran with them. And ran with them. I couldn’t stop the flow. Love it when that happens. Hope it happens like that again today! Anyway, up to 42,000 words and I’m over halfway done. At least for minimum word count. It will be longer.

So you know my two other ideas I had for conflict, I couldn’t do it. They resolved them. But then, the greatest conflict of all popped into my head. See, I’m a pantser (writing by the seat of my pants) and NO WAY could I come up with that in a plotting outline.

That’s it! Today I had internet, and the blue octopus is NEVER coming back–unless it replaces the rocking chair I ordered, and well, I’m picking up my grandbaby today again. I have her all day tomorrow. And the corgis are landing in on my Fri through Sunday. Hopefully all that havoc won’t make me get behind.

I’m off to write my normal 2,000 word count because you never know when it’s going to be one of THOSE days.

Have a super great day that ISN’T one of THOSE days!


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