Beautiful Little Hummingbird…

Don’t you know I’m taking your picture? Why don’t you turn around for me? He is a ruby-throated hummingbird, one photo the original, and the other in glow.

I’m still working on Silver Town Wolf Christmas, which is why I’m late blogging this morning. I was up super late editing, and up super early and doing my edits and writing another scene. I’m beginning to fill in all the blanks, answer unanswered questions–for the characters–I knew all along what the story was all about (ha!),  and making corrections throughout. I was hoping I’d have this done by Wednesday before grandbaby is here again, but we shall see. I wrote 3,000 words yesterday. I’m at 92K and counting!

Have a lovely day, naturally or with a bit of a glow…


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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Little Hummingbird…

  1. Good day Terry I hope you have a Great week
    I have seen Hummers since maybe 4 years old or earlier… another par of my life
    anyway I have Never seen a hummingbird in a branch, always flying or hovering over a flower for nectar.

    • They like that tree for some reason. I’ve seen them at a hummingbird exhibit where they would rest. I”ll have to try and find those pictures. They’re beautiful little birds. 🙂

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