Done! Done! Done!

Axel chilling, and on the move. Arctic wolf who is acting all alpha. I’m in a purple mood. That’s good! Love purple. The Arctic wolf pictures are mine, and in the one with Axel lying down, his brother photo bombed it, so I changed out the background and added a purple blur, purple texture, and purple solar flare.

Okay, so I finished writing all the scenes yesterday after baby left, yay! Put together the table for the printer, and it wouldn’t fit inside like I’d hoped, but I still managed to consolidate some stuff and it looks so nice! It was easy to put together too, which was really great, considering having to do so much else yesterday.

So I’m now reading the story through before I send it to beta readers (while edits on SEAL wolf are nagging at me to get to them). I’m on ch 4, with 28 chapters and an epilogue to get through–104,000 words! This is my last time to fix mistakes and tidy things up a bit, and see if there are any loose ends left before I send it to beta readers. And this is the really fun time. The book is done!!! Written, from beginning to end. Woohoo! And I get to read it for enjoyment, and smoothing out.

Okay, off to read some more and EXERCISE. 🙂 When I read, I put my keyboard and mouse up on metal stands I got at Hobby Lobby, usually use them for teddy bear displays, and then I can walk or jog in place. It doesn’t work when I’m writing scenes, but I walked 5 miles last week each of two days, when I was proofing another manuscript!

What it looks like in reality, but when I’m in the writing world, what it really looks like. A whole world of unlimited, fantastical possibilities!

Have a great day!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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