The Fae Are at It Again

I didn’t get word count yesterday, but got it on baby day instead, which is my day “off.” I spent the day working on SEAL Wolf Surrender edits. And on Silver Wolf edits instead.

Then the fae attacked with a vengeance. Well, before that. My editor sent my file, but it wouldn’t go through the night before, so she sent it yesterday morning. So after I finished edits on Silver Wolf, I sent them to another beta reader, but she’s getting garbage. I shut down my computer, made sure there were no updates needed, restarted the computer YOU ARE IN DANGER. This was from my anti-virus program. So I restart the computer again. I’m still working on SEAL edits. I was too tired to finish them tonight, and just couldn’t think at that point.

This is a picture break and then on with the story.

Not sure what the flowering plant is below and the geese were having a respite in the shade.

But while I was waiting for the computer to come back up, I went in to brush my teeth. No technical difficulties there. But when I tossed my toothbrush in the drawer, and I never do that so don’t ask why I did it this time, it vanished. I heard it land, but it didn’t have a landing-in-the-drawer sound.

My toothbrush vanished! Really, and truly. I looked in the drawer. Not in the drawer. Not on the floor. Not under the cabinet. Not in the cabinet. Not in the sink. Not on the counter. It…vanished. Honest to goodness. Now, if I were a paranormal writer, I’m sure there’s a story in this. I really don’t have to make things up. They just…happen.

Note to self: Do NOT ever toss toothbrush into drawer. It ends up in the Black Hole.

Then again, baby will be here tomorrow. Maybe she’ll find it.

And that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Have a super wonderful day!!! Do you know where your toothbrush is today??? What about mine?

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4 thoughts on “The Fae Are at It Again

  1. Yes, I know where mine is.
    were the little beasties in the bathroom with you?
    they could have pick it up and though it was a new toy from mommy
    have a great day with Princess Fairy. ♥

    • I found it! Inside a different cabinet. I’d looked before but hadn’t seen it. lol Have a great day, missy!!

  2. I always have vanishing “stuff” too. I read that when socks disappear in the clothes dryer they come back as tupperware lids that don’t fit anything lol.

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