A hero being heroic and raindrops falling on a water lily pond.

Even with a made-up world, it has to seem real. It has to have some foundation of reality. It makes it easier for readers to feel connected.

In my YA fae stories, my world is different. If they shift from dragon to fae, they’re dressed. The same with the wolf shifters. They are fae. It’s a fantasy world, but combined with the real world when they visit us and wreak havoc. Believe me, they do it too. To me. All the time.

In my real world (ha!, you know, as far as reality goes), the shifters have to remove their clothes before they can shift. I mean, come on, it’s the real world, right?

And that’s all I’m saying as I go off to play in…hmm, the Woodland Fae….or Cougar Magic. Cougar Magic is the final read-through. Woodland Fae needs its daily word count. I want get my writing done, but I want to get Cougar Magic published. It’s a conundrum.

Have a great day!!! I’m off to play with reality.

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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