The Witch and the Jaguar

I’m still working on Woodland Fae, getting closer to word count and I was messing around with a witch’s picture for Halloween, but then I fell in love with it and thought, what if I made a short story to go with it? How about a novella? So what does a jaguar shifter do when she wants to go to a Halloween party without her over-protective brother? She turns him into her familiar when he arrives home unexpectedly. Of course, we normally think of something like a little black cat. Not in the world of jaguars. See how stories get started?

Anyway, I won’t have it finished in time for Halloween, but from what my fans say, any time of year is good for any kind of seasonal story. And that works for me.

The problem is in the middle of the night, I was seeing both the fae’s story continuing to develop in my mind, and the jaguar one. I was too tired to write them down, but I’m going to try and remember what it was I “saw” before it’s too late.

It’s cold this morning and I finished a bear order and wrote 3,000 words yesterday, see if I can do as much today! So I need to ship the bear to Australia, and get some groceries and then it’s back to WRITING.

Have a wonderfully productive and fun day!


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