Sylvia’s Worst Nightmare


By Dawn Marie Hamilton
Shit. Late for work again.

The early morning California sun blinded. Sylvia slid into the cracked leather seat of her red MGB midget and her short black skirt rode up her thighs. With a sigh, she inserted the key into the ignition.

“Please start.”

Click, click, click, click, click, vroom.


She pulled out of the driveway and headed for the city.

With one hand on the wheel, she scratched the raised bite mark near the vein on her wrist and shuddered. That too familiar prickly sensation of eight tiny phantom legs crawled over her skin. Revulsion chills crept down her spine. She despised spiders.

Breathe, Sylvia. Breathe. She inhaled air deep into her lungs.

Entering the freeway, she zipped across the lanes to the left and sped with the traffic. Holy shit! Her worst nightmare crawled across the dashboard. She grabbed a used tissue from the passenger seat garbage pile and squashed the damn creepy crawly.

Her thigh itched like crazy. She swallowed hard and glanced down. A black widow skittered across her leg. Sylvia spun the wheel.

The crunch of metal was the final sound. She’d never be late for work again.

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Dawn Marie Hamilton


Okay, raise your hand if you thought this was a great spooktacular story!!! I have to say I’ve had a scorpion crawling up my leg, but thought it was a lizard and brushed it away. I wasn’t stung that time. I’ve had a bumblebee land on my shirt right before I got in the car and didn’t notice it until I was on the road, pulled off really quick and jumped around outside to get him off my shirt, not sure I’d even parked the car I was in such a panic. And a friend of ours had a spider crawling up her leg when she was driving, she panicked, wrecked her car and broke her leg.

So can it happen for real? You betcha! The best kind of spooky stories.

Thanks, Dawn, for sharing such a terrific flash fiction!

Be sure to check out her cool release: Sea Panther!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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5 thoughts on “Sylvia’s Worst Nightmare

    • I know, really! You think you wouldn’t have an accident if you had something crawling up your leg when you’re driving, but…. I read about a woman who put her foot in her shoe that was sitting on the porch in Arizona, and felt a prick. She tried again, and felt the same thing. A black widow was in her shoe. She had a bad reaction to the venom. They’re really shy, not aggressive, but if it feels threatened…it bites.

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