Oh No! Thanksgiving!

Dangerous beauty.

Yes, I’m grateful, thankful, and blessed! But….you see, I have a book I’m trying to do final edits on for my publisher and another book I’m getting close to finishing (it’s awful when I have to keep stopping when I’m really going to town on it) and another book that’s coming back from a beta reader that I need to finish edits on and then publish, and…well, Thanksgiving wrecks dieting, exercising, and writing. There. I said it. I’m so mean. Laughing.

Hopefully, we’ll go to the zoo though, take baby to see her first wild animals, I’ll take lots of pictures, and that will make up for all the other trouble Thanksgiving causes. Truly, I am grateful and thankful and blessed and I will have fun anyway, even if I can’t spend all my time writing!

Two thousand more words on Woodland Fae yesterday and walked 5.5 miles. I did about the same the day before, a little more walking though.

Off to edit and exercise because tomorrow will be another story.  Hope you are having a great week!!!


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