Big Cats, Little Cats

2 cougars, 2 jaguars, 3 ocelots

Love the big cats and little cats. Two cougars were pacing here. The jaguar was growling here, wanting to mate and did. Hey, zoos are supposed to be for education. What can I say? And I was only able to catch a couple of good shots of one of the three ocelots. Everything else was smeared windows or too much fence.

More cats coming up. I was working on Christmas decorations and Woodland Fae and The Witch and the Jaguar! I’ll be finalizing the cover for The Witch and the Jaguar and begin final proofing.

Off to work! Have a super special day!


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2 thoughts on “Big Cats, Little Cats

  1. Morning My Lady,
    Beautiful Cats…is very SAD to see them behind bars or mesh.
    you are warm at 34 F …I know that’s cold for you I’am at 15 F

    • Yeah, it’s sooooo cold for us here. Our blood is thin and we’re going back up to 79 tomorrow so no time to acclimate.
      Even though it would be nice if the animals could run free, someone would love to kill them. So really, some are protected from man in the only way we can protect them from man. It’s sad. Donna sent me an article about allowing for around 5400 wolves to be killed, I think it was. Why?

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