I’m Almost Out of Time

Baby’s back! I have only 8 more chapters to proof on Claiming the White Bear, finished 11 yesterday and the prologue, and I so want to get it done today because I still need to finish up the white bear for a wedding order and I still need to do those promo blogs for You Had Me at Jaguar. Granted, the promo blogs are due early Feb, but I like to get things done early because you never know what’s going to come up and then whoops, no time to do this stuff. Plus, I’ve been thinking about the new Wolff brother’s story in Silver Town. I need to get started! And finished.

I was wracking my brain for a new idea. For weeks, I have been. And then, I had it. And it’s stuck. The Wolff brothers, and their sisters, but they still are back east trying to sell their ski lodge there, are in Silver Town. So we’ll be back to the much beloved Silver Town wolves. Only this time, it will be at the ski lodge. I mention them in the Silver wolf Christmas book coming out in Sept this year, briefly. Anyway, you see two sisters arrive at the ski lodge, and one begins to howl in the room that night. Can you imagine how upsetting that would be for the owners, and of course, the other guests? Yes, the town is run by the Silver wolf pack, but no way do they want the word to get out to humans that they exist. And that’s it! Yes! The beginning of a whole book.

So in the meantime, no extra puppies this week, but baby’s back! Which is fun and work and fun. I’m going to try and take her to the children’s museum on Wednesday for Critter Hour. They’re closed on Mondays, unfortunately. It all depends on how she is. I went to take her to the grocery store one day and she had an absolute fit. I waited until later after she’d had a nap. So I might try to be on a schedule, but sometimes it doesn’t work for her. *sigh*

Okay, she’s nearly here and I have to run. Have a super lovely day!!!


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2 thoughts on “I’m Almost Out of Time

  1. Here we GO 2019 !
    Terry is full of new Ideas,
    And Princess Fairy is back to grandmas home to have fun with her ♥

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