Claiming the White Bear in Print!

Here is the link for Claiming the White Bear in print.

I don’t know what’s going on with WordPress, but all of a sudden, I can’t find the icon to add pictures. I wish they’d leave it alone. lol I finally figure out the new one, and it’s changed again!

I think it’s a test! Or the fae are messing with me again. Okay, found it!

Yesterday, while I was taking care of my grand-daughter, I managed to create some ads for an upcoming sales promotion of 4 of my books, and a header for FB and need to do one for the new release coming up: You Had Me at Jaguar. And I made the video trailer on Animoto.

Canva is free. You can also use Animoto for short videos for free.

It’s cold out, polar bear weather for me! Hope you are having a great day!!!!

I have to write a blog for Walmart and get my word count. So what am I going to do first? Have another cup of hot tea! Have a great one!


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4 thoughts on “Claiming the White Bear in Print!

  1. AWESOME !!
    Terry, you are having so much FUN Creating your Videos,
    So you found a “ANIMOTO” a New format for videos
    Congrats this is Awesome ♥
    good night, this polar bear will be hibernating for the next week.

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