Can’t Figure Out…

Okay, so I was trying to update my blog face and guess what? I can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve done it lots of times, but with the NEW IMPROVED version (growling like a jaguar here), I can’t find any of the add on buttons to change anything. I finally managed to remove the cover of the book that came out early last year, but no way to add the latest.

Don’t you wish that developers would leave a good thing alone? My son had me take a “test” while he was in his graduate computer programming courses and it was to see if the directions he had developed for a program were as simple as could be so that even I could understand them. They were! If I clicked on this button, it would take me to this place. And all the buttons I needed were there to take me where I needed to be so I could make the changes I needed to. Some of these businesses need to hire him.

I bet I’m not the only one having trouble with this! In fact, often when I Google stuff like this, tons of people are having trouble with the same issues. Maybe we’re all dumber than the average programmer. That’s okay. It needs to be simple for us dummies, folks. Most of us don’t have degrees in computer science. I did take COBOL, FORTRAN, and BASIC, so it’s not like I’m totally clueless and yet….I am.

Onward and upward! Like I said, I was updating my website and while I was doing it, I was updating my new release links for a couple of upcoming books. Kobo is still not listed for either.


Coming Feb 26,2019

Baby is coming, so I’m off to get ready! Have a lovely, growless day!


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