Traveling through Time

I wanted to do more with this, but I have too many deadlines, so maybe later. I took the picture in a small town in Scotland that had a pretty pond and tons of birds. Really pretty. Love the bridge in the background. And I added the boat and woman.

Back to work writing! Have beautiful day!!


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3 thoughts on “Traveling through Time

  1. I love the idea !
    My first English book I read in the USA was a TIME TRAVEL.
    In 1989 I bought “Knight in A Shinning Armor by Jude Deveraux . 1st Edition…I Fell in LOVE..I read that book so many times that the pages were lose ? I have another .. still one in a blue moon I take it out and read again. I had several favorites Black Lyon, the 4 from the Velvet Series…

    • Oh, yes, I have hers too. Love time travel. 🙂 I’ve been watching a teen witch series where she has traveled forward to save someone in the past. So far it’s been really good. 🙂

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