Done! And Getting There!

Something is chasing her! Daddy. Wait, I found a leaf. Playing chase was halted for a moment. Such is the life of a toddler.

I could say that somehow through a miracle I managed to not only take care of my granddaughter, AND finish up the SEAL Wolf Team to the Rescue novella and turned it in last night to beat the March 1st deadline, DONE!!! AND whittled down being 14,000 words behind on Wolff Brother (working title), to being 3,000 words behind to a miracle, but really, it was work, and Keira’s 3 hour-long naps, and giving her little candy boxes from a gift basket I received at Christmas (empty candy boxes) that she played with for hours, opening and closing the little flaps, sticking a rubber star into the one, pulling it out, sticking it in–all engineering feats, I’m sure, and having some ideas that came to me that allowed me to go forward!

Fun work and I’m feeling great about the progress! Okay, so I’ve had requests for writing sequel books for: The Magic of Inherian–the third book in the trilogy, Emerald Isle of Mists, and the second book in Ghostly Liaisons. Both were started and I looked and I still have them. Sometimes I’ve had major computer crashes and I have lost a couple of stories. I also have the 2 sequels to Kiss of the Vampire (YA) started. And I was asked where Bound for Trouble, the sequel to Bound by Danger, was??? It”s also written, but needs major revisions. I work on it periodically when I’m not in a deadline panic. And usually when I’m trying to come up with an idea on a new deadline book. It helps me to be doing SOMETHING writing-wise, makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

My daughter asked me the other day how many books I have published. Around 70. How many books have I written that I haven’t published yet? Needing major revisions, around 20. How many started books? Around 15. So what am I doing about it???

Laughing. It took me a year to finally finish writing Claiming the White Bear and it took me 8 years to write the sequel to Shadow Elf, Darkland Elf. I think it was 3 years to write Demon Hunter, which is the third demon YA story. It’s not that I don’t want to write the other books, but I have a ton of HAVE TO books to write each year. And it seems the number keeps going up. The others WILL get done. Eventually.

Speaking of which, I’m off to write! Have a fun-filled, productively fun day!


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