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So I was trying to get to my granddaughters ENT appointment. She had tubes put in her ears for the constant infections. There were two bad accidents, the traffic was piled up for three miles, and I was late. Then I couldn’t find the children’s hospital. Then I couldn’t find the right place to go in the children’s hospital. AND she felt asleep on the way over, she really needed it, but I was trying to rush through the hospital with a 25 pound toddler sleeping on my shoulder, and a 15 pound diaper bag, and a 3 pound purse hanging off the other. I felt like I was on army maneuvers fighting against the enemy–time.

The good news was I was late and I didn’t have to wait any time at all. Oh, except I had to prove I should have the baby. Okay, folks, why would I take my granddaughter to an ear appointment if I wasn’t supposed to? I could think of a lot more fun things to do. Anyway, after they scanned my driver’s license, I was in the doctor’s office, and then the doctor said her ears looked great, no infection, no fluid in the ears, BUT, she thought she might have pink eye. UGH.

So after the doctor’s appointment, Grandma showed her the fish in the tanks (all fish are Dory), the pretty potted plants, which she delighted in seeing her own reflection in, the beautiful artwork sick children had created, and then the wall mural, had to get a pretty picture. Then I called her momma with the good news and the bad. Day cares mean that the sickness cycles through the place every two weeks. Remove clothes when she gets home from daycare and wash.

By the time we got home, I had an email from my daughter. New doctor’s appointment for that afternoon. At least that one is really close by, no accidents, and I left in plenty of time. She was sound asleep on the way over, I had to rock her in my arms while standing because if I sit, she would wake up, and she actually stayed asleep through the weighing, temperature check and other vital signs checks. Prognosis, both eyes have pink eye. Not bacterial (the eyes would have crusty discharge), but viral from all the stuff she’s been sick of for the last two weeks. So Grandma took her to the grocery store to pick up her eye drops, she has them for 5 days, and by then, she should be all cleared up. Before I have to take care of her again. lol

In any event, I’m glad she was fine otherwise. It meant I didn’t get to do anything with my writing except get through two more chapters to edit. So hoping I’ll get a LOT further today!

Have a super day and Be Cool, Keep Cool, Dog Days of Summer are on their way.


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