Carolina Anole–Friends in the Garden

I love the little Caroline anoles. They change colors, depending on where they’re sitting. I like their green color best. The bumblebees and honeybees are busy now, and unfortunately, so are the fire ants. I was out weeding yesterday, moving more Asian Lilies and finding the bad ants. The butterflies were fluttering around in mating dances too. It’s spring!

I wrote two of the scenes I needed and edited the prologue and first 2 chapters yesterday. Today is baby day and I have to take her to a drs. appt and we’ll probably get groceries. I keep running out. How is that happening? I think I’ve bought everything I need and then wait, there’s only one of those left in the package?

Hopefully, I’ll get some editing done today and write the final scene and finish editing tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a great day!!!


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