They’re Everywhere! They’re Everywhere!

And that’s a good thing! Monarch caterpillars are everywhere. Unfortunately, some eggs were laid on milkweed that didn’t have many leaves, so they devoured them quickly. I have transported a couple of them to the other side of the backyard where there’s plenty to eat. Who would have ever thought I’d want a bug to eat my plants? But the butterflies are beautiful and they’re losing their habit. So I’ve planted a butterfly haven. Zinnia should be coming up soon and the butterflies love them too. The seeds are sprouting, and I just planted pentas and hummingbirds and butterflies love them.

Okay, I’m 4,000 words behind, so still catching up. But I think I might need to switch stories and start writing on the novella that’s due sooner. *sigh*

And I have babysitting duty on Saturday evening, so must get my word count in early.

I’m off to write!!! And ship some books. Have a great Friday!!!


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