Grandma Needs Baby to Nap

Redheaded Woodpecker what do you see?

It was a napless day, which meant Grandma had to play all day with little one. She finally, finally, finally fell asleep 5 minutes before her momma arrived. We had walked around the neighborhood, played in the water, played chase around the house, run errands, played in her tent, read stories, watched pre-school shows, eaten, and she was getting so tired, and upset, but fighting sleep. We finally went outside to look at flowers while I carried her around and she was getting sleepier and sleepier. Then I walked inside, sat down, and she fell asleep in my arms, right before her momma knocked on the door.

Sooooo, Wednesday, we have to get a nap. Please. I get so much done while she sleeps! lol But even so, I managed to get 1,300 words written on the novella. I’ve given up on the novel, for the moment. Too difficult to do both at the same time. I’m over halfway done on the novella, a quarter of the way done on the novel.

I’m off to write!!! Have a wonderful day!!!


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