Flowers that Bloom–Shortly

I don’t mean they’re going to flower pretty soon, but that they bloom for a short time and that’s it until the next year. This is a lavender azalea, love it, but I picked up a couple of Autumn azalea’s that are supposed to bloom 3 times a year. We shall see.

When I take a walk around the neighborhood, I see how others have planted their gardens. Some are humdrum–just how they were planted when the homes were built, no flowers, just a few shrubs and trees. I will say though, that at least they do landscape the homes, which is nice because some homeowners wouldn’t ever do anything with their yards otherwise and it makes the walk very pleasing. Others are creative.

I like the creative ones. My neighbor across the street has expanded her planting beds and what caught my attention were how beautiful her red roses are in various spots in the garden that help to please the eye. I have red roses too, one is a drift and the other a regular sized red rose bush that will get big, but I think I need a couple of more to make the eye wander around the property to really make the connection. I have a peach rose out front too, but red really stands out, though the peach one is small and spectacular. It’s the one that has pink and peach all on one rosebush. Really a beautiful rosebush.

Red crape myrtles will do that also–be showy and riveting, same with red snapdragons. I put in purple magic crape myrtles, but I would love to get some true red crape myrtles too. I need a bigger yard. lol

I could play in my gardens all day, wishing they were more “grown up,” but every year they are more beautiful. And every year I enjoy their more established look. Of course as they get more established, I realize some of the plants need to be moved because some of them are getting bigger and hiding the others. Then the poor plants have to readjust to their new homes. But they’re all doing well.

Got to run and work on the story. I put a splashpad out for my granddaughter yesterday late afternoon. My backyard was nice and shaded and she had fun for an hour. It kind of wore her out before her mom and dad picked her up.

Enjoy your lovely day!!!! I’m off to get writing!


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One thought on “Flowers that Bloom–Shortly

  1. Your garden sounds beautiful. My Mom like roses and Iris. She had two heirloom climbing roses but my Dad took down the yard fence and they had nothing to climb on. They ran tentacles out searching but only found me when I tried to cut the grass by them. I wish I had some cuttings to start them here.
    If one of your roses is a drift does that mean your garden is flooded?

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