Can We Say Jet Lag????

Well, I arrived home at 9:30 am after being up all night flying, so I’ve unpacked and am just downloading camera pictures now. It’ll take a while. I have to pick up my doggies from my SIL after he gets home from work and we’re going out to eat. It’s 5 hours earlier for Hawaii time from Central Standard Time, so it meant I got in at 4:30 am. It will take me a couple of days to get adjusted. lol

I love Inge’s mom and her brother. They are the sweetest. The kids had a beach theme, but since their wedding landed on Star Wars Day, and we all love Star Wars, they also had some fun Star Wars stuff. The men in the bridal party had Star Wars tie tacks and cuff links. Pictures are still downloading. These are just cell phone shots. So I will share more later.

We had a great time! I even managed to get through edits on Wolff brothers, but just checking it over one last time today once I get it uploaded on my computer. And I made changes on the novella, but still need to finish it up.

Okay, I’m off to get some other things done before I have to pick up the doggies. Have a great day!!!! Even if it’s nearly done! I feel out of sync with the world. lol


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