Creating Art from Photos

I’m off to type up edits and begin writing again next, but I had to play with some artwork first. You know. Just because I have to blog and I needed something new to post. Right.

Any excuse to play with photos, right?

African Ducks
African Ducks Freed

I added several layers of water, two different kinds, sky, and texture. It’s not perfect, but I have 4 dogs I have to keep taking in and out and I have to get back to the real work at hand. But isn’t the artwork pretty?

I took the picture of the African ducks at a zoo and they just wouldn’t all look at me or hold still, yet it captures the essence of ducks, don’t you think? One grooming himself, two cuddling, another standing on one leg in rest.

In other news, Barnes and Noble is now beta testing an author bio page and guess what???? I was asked to participate. That rarely happens to me. Well…uhm, never. But yay! I felt honored.

Okay, I’m back to writing. Maybe I’ll take the dogs all out one more time. Kill milkweed bugs. And THEN get back to writing.

Have an artsy fun kind of day!


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2 thoughts on “Creating Art from Photos

    • That’s an interesting observation, Lola! It was winter, but the birds are in a domed African exhibit to keep them warm. I’m sure it has to do with the blue tones. 🙂 Thanks! I did a filter to warm the picture up, but I liked the blue tones better.

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