Bad Milkweed Bugs

Found 2 of them mating–hopefully got them before they laid eggs

Everything is relative. If you don’t want milkweed, these bugs will take care of it! One thing too, no aphids! But then, no milkweed plants for the monarch caterpillars either.

Okay, I’m running like crazy this morning. My daughter and granddaughter will be arriving soon at the airport and I need to pick them up. We’ll be moving her corgis back home and probably have lunch or something.

Monarch butterfly laying eggs on milkweed

But I did make word count! Over word count! Now I just need to finish the story. I’ve been writing every day, despite the dog distractions. I’ve been filling in scenes that I skipped, wrote 4,000 words yesterday, but still need to write the final scene and keep thinking of things that need to be explained. How did they get their cars back home when they took a helicopter out of there? Little things like that. 🙂

Okay, off to type up notes before I have to run to the airport.

Have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Bad Milkweed Bugs

  1. Nice pics, I am glad you identify the Monarch Butterfly, for a few seconds I thought it was a Stick bug.
    Hope your day went well, catch up with daughter and Princess Fairy news from their trip.
    Is this trip’s first plane fly?

    • No, she had one in January. Being a toddler, she’s hard to travel with, doesn’t want to wear her seat belt, and couldn’t get comfortable to sleep. So after they got home, my daughter and granddaughter were up since 1 am, I told her just to sleep and I’d take the princess home. SHE finally fell asleep at 12:25. Finally. She’s been fighting it for 4 hours. lol

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