Won Honorable Mention!

Topaz Labs had a contest I entered. I figured I wouldn’t win because there are so many incredible photographers out there, but I had Topaz Adjust https://topazlabs.com/adjust-ai/ and I really hadn’t had time to use it yet. So I played around with some photos that I’d taken in Minnesota, entering the four different categories just for the fun of it. Because I LOVE photography, and I LOVE creating new things. No cost to me, though I was on book deadline, bad me, but then I got word yesterday that I made Honorable Mention! Eighty dollars credit for more of their products, and I’m thrilled!

It reminded me of writing a book. If you don’t write it, you can’t publish it. Once you write it, you have to publish, hoping readers will love it. But you’ll never know if you’ll “win” unless you take the chance.

Have you ever waffled about taking a chance like that? If it costs nothing, go for it. If it doesn’t win, try, try again. Or do something else that you can succeed at!

All right, I’m off to write. (Though I had to sneak some pictures of a monarch butterfly that was trying to warm up and dry out, so perfect time for some really closeup shots this morning.) Baby went to daycare today because the daycare is closed tomorrow, and her parents lose a day of babysitting care. And that means Grandma has a break and maybe can catch up on the writing. At least more than she would have had she been taking care of granddaughter today.

Yep, the edits for the last book (not the photo contest), put me behind. Again. I’m at 8,000, should be 12,000. So if I get at least 2,000, I’ll be doing better.

Have a beautiful day!!!!


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