Creating Word Art in Photoshop

Have you hugged your polar bear shifter today?

I love Word Art, but I couldn’t find just what I wanted, so I created this picture and then figured out how to create the word art. For those who have Photoshop and don’t know how to do it, I created a white layer, wrote my text, and then I used the upper Warp Text box to vary the shape of the words. The text box next to it can be used to increase the spacing between words, letters, change the height of letters, etc. On the lower right is a fx tab and clicking on that allows me to change beveling, add shadow, etc.

Then I turn the white background transparent by setting the opacity to 0 and I have my Word Art that I can use on any background. Save as PSD if you want to change it up later, and I save as PNG to grab and overlay over my photo. To add color, I use two different methods. First, group all of the words and elements, if you have them and go to Styles (look in Window for Styles, check mark it) and while you have the group highlighted, click on the color scheme you like.

Using Styles to Color the Text

Another method is to add a texture layer above the word art group and clip it to the group (creating a clipping mask), and then you can use anything really–texture, flowers, any kind of a picture.

Using a Texture Layer to Color Text

I’m sure a lot of people know how to do this, but I didn’t and when I asked in a group, a lot of people didn’t. Anyway, if it helps, great. You need Photoshop and some knowledge of layers to do it. But it’s something I was trying to figure out yesterday, and I did it! Isn’t it wonderful when something finally sinks in? Grouping layers and adding clipping masks.

I only wrote about 800 words yesterday, but I started editing the first 3 chapters and I’m typing them up before I have to run a million errands. Yes, a million. Taking back 2 dead plants (the others have grown twice their size and the grass around where I planted the other two is growing like crazy, so are other plants, so not sure why these didn’t make it), getting dog food, you know like the dog that has no bone?, shipping another book to a fan, and more. I hate running errands, especially when the heat index is 100 plus. The car is an oven, so I’ll leave in a few minutes to start the day.

I’d much rather write.

Have a lovely day and hope it’s just right!!


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