Having a Morning and a Half

That’s not good. I finally get a response about the audiobook titles I can transfer, I need to upload them. So I start doing that–need the cover, wait, no permission to open file to use, hate changing up to Windows 10. I mean, some things are good–my raw filter now works on Photoshop again. But other stuff like this is a real pain. I’ve tried to gain access, but I’m just not savvy enough to figure it out. I finally was able to open the file, and there are all the images but I can’t open them. No access. The administrator has to approve access. I. Am. The. Administrator. Let me in or I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll…

All of this takes away from writing and I’m having trouble enough with staying on track and I know more edits will be coming down the pike.

So…I’m trying to make a cover from scratch, but that takes time. So who said this was going to be a piece of cake? Can I give them a piece of my mind?

I’m off to try and get word count and then play with a cover in the meantime.

Have a fun day!!! Mine will be productive and great….I’m determined to make it so.


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