Appearances Can Be Deceiving

My granddaughter saw the green witch and immediately said, “Bad lady.” She is nearly 2 1/2, but not all witchy, evil people are green and scary to look at.

So I looked at the date last night and OMG, it’s time to proof Legend of the White Wolf 10th Anniversary Edition. I had started a while back, but I stopped because I was on a roll with the current new book, Red Wolf Christmas.

Every time I stop, I get behind on the current book, can’t remember where I left off. You know. It’s like time traveling into the past ten years ago. Then I’m all wrapped up in the other wolf pack…anyway, you know what I mean.

Okay, this is due Friday, and I have my granddaughter back on Wednesday, so it’s nearly impossible to get any writing work done when she’s here. And that means I HAVE to get this done! I worked on it last night–skimmed through the whole thing, okaying what I could, have about 5 things I need to really look at, and even managed 1500 words on the new mss. BUT, this book is 132,000 words long (with the new added novella–338 pages), so it’s LONG.

So the next step is to actually re-read the whole thing. Starting as soon as I quit yakking here.

I’m nearly up to the minimum word count on Red Wolf Christmas, only 8500 words to go. I hate having to stop!

Have a great day, I’ve got to get busy! Hope you don’t run into any bad people today, green or otherwise.

Oh, and this one is a witch too, but she is all kinds of good–unless you’re the bad guy.


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