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So I finished proofing Legend of the White Wolf and now am proofing

White Wolf to the Rescue: A Legend of the White Wolf Novella. The first editor question: What happened to the woman who helped the two PI partners escape? One of them, David Davis, was hooked on her, but I haven’t written his story yet.

Well, it was years and years and years before I was able to write another white wolf book. Years. Which meant tons and tons of books!!! I write between 5-8 books a year. When I finally wrote the next white wolf book (you have to know I always thought the series would peter out, the boss would say no more, so I just had never had time to do something with that sub-series), it was a long, long time ago. Ten years ago that I had read the book. As many books that I have to write, I didn’t have time to reread the whole book. Poor Elizabeth was forgotten. In one of the subsequent books, I made a mention of her returning to her pack, but I can’t remember which one. *sigh*

What happened to Elizabeth? I will have to make something more up. See? That’s the fun of being a writer. I can tell a story and it doesn’t have to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Well, for them, in all honesty, it is the truth.

I’m off and running, got to finish proofing the novella and jump on Red Wolf Christmas again before something else waylays me. Hope you have a beautiful day!!!


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