Alpha and His Cheese Its!

It’s an enrichment program they have at the wolf reserve in Omaha. He didn’t just find trash lying around. They put chicken bones in it and he has to search out the prize. He found it and he took off running. MINE.

Reminds me of my granddaughter. She looked in the fridge this morning, pointed to my yogurt and said, “Mine.”

Yep, from wolves to kids, it’s the same deal.

I’m off to play with her…hope to get some work done on the story, or reading done on the other. We had rain!!! Yes! Three inches. We sure needed it.

Have a great day!!!


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4 thoughts on “Alpha and His Cheese Its!

    • To rub it in, we ended up with two storms and a total of 4 inches of rain yesterday. Happy dance. lol I really didn’t think it was going to happen. We had spitting rain a couple of times and I figured that was it! But I’m glad you at least got that much rain. 🙂 Hope you get more. It’s clouding up, but I think our chance of rain is nil. Still, I’ve been out pulling grass and weed trees and it’s soooo much easier with wet ground. But we have a heat index of 99 today again. ugh.

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