Choose Your Poison

I took the picture of the jar at my daughter’s house and then embellished it, but truly, do you know what it is you’re drinking? I don’t mean spirits either. But all the sugars and the stuff you don’t know about? The minerals and vitamins that you’re supposed to take to make you feel on top of the world. The vitamins and minerals you should be getting from your food, unless medications you’re taking strip them out of your system. The “natural” herbs from the wild that are supposed to give you long life or miraculous cures that aren’t regulated in the least?

Maybe it’s the same as drinking some of this powdered skull, eh?

Okay, well I spent yesterday finishing up a scene, writing another, and I think I’m nearly to the end. It’s a good thing because I’m nearly to the deadline. I’m up to 106,000 words and will probably be at least to 107,000 today. It’s still not done. I’ll need to read it all the way through again after I finally finish it. But it’s getting closer!

Once it’s done, I’ll need a drink. That powdered skull is sounding good. I wonder if it will give me more insight and great ideas for my stories?

Have a super great day!!!!


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One thought on “Choose Your Poison

  1. Good morning Terry ♥
    Lovely pics , Wow 106 thousands words? WOW., You are Amazing… you most be a Speed reader too! and them you have to send it to a beta for reading too?

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