New Technological Advances!

Fork massage. Yep! A doctor in Scotland used a butter knife, but my physical therapist only had a fork. It worked!!! Oh, sure, you can buy the really expensive stuff for the office, but why? When you can just use a fork? Or a butter knife?

Sometimes the simpler things in life are worth the world.

How did it help? I was able to move my hand up behind my back a whole hand width. That’s real progress for me. That’s after one 5-minute massage. A patient of my physical therapist asked him if he could massage her achilles tendon that had torn, healed, and scarred and he said he didn’t have the expensive equipment for that. She then explained her doctor in Scotland used a butter knife. He didn’t have the butter knife, but upon exploration found a fork. And it worked! I LOVE new technology. Don’t you?

Warning: I am not a doctor and you should see a doctor if you feel you’ve torn tendons to see what the next course of action is. My doctor said I just had arthritis and wouldn’t ask for an MRI. She just had it x-rayed. This is the SAME as I had when I had the partial rotator cuff tear. And that doctor, different city, had an MRI done. I might have some arthritis in there from the original tear, but I did NOT have ANY pain until I lifted all those 40 pound sacks of mulch over 3 days. And then began to get the frozen shoulder like I had before.

Okay, I finished the marketing materials for the new book so I need to reread them and send them off. I’m going with the kids, minus the baby who is getting a real babysitter, to go see the Game of Thrones tonight, sooooo excited!!!

And I’m really thrilled to get this book finished. Whoops, granddaughter’s here and got distracted.

Have a great day!


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